Speaker Biography

Olga Onyshchenko

Anti-age dentist, aesthetic injectionist, specialist in tissue regeneration BTI Biotechnology Institute , Ukraine

Title: Biological effects of plasma rich in growth factors in tissue regeneration. Benefits and easy use of biotechnologies in the daily practice of health practitioners.

Olga Onyshchenko

Anti-age dentist, aesthetic injectionist, specialist in tissue regeneration .


Based on the expertise in anti-age dentistry and working with the biotechnology of the largest scientific background in regenerative medicine, which is plasma rich in growth factors, in the lecture will be presented the range of properties of this biological therapy for individualized medicine. It was proven to be effective in regeneration of tissues differentiated from the mesenchymal stem cells (cells composing muscular-skeletal system, like osteoblasts, adipocytes and chondrocytes as well as myocytes and neurons), the capacity of which ones to proliferate and differentiate is known to decrease with the age of the patient. The lecture will present the data of scientific studies of different levels to prove the regenerative potential of patient’s own blood proteins (growth factors) to perform the safe and high-quality treatment in different areas of medicine while reducing the possibilities of side effects and performing less- or non-invasive procedures to our patients. Additionally will be presented the set of clinical cases illustrating the theoretical part of the lecture and how easy it is to introduce such biotechnologies into the daily practice of the professionals in dental, surgical, dermatological, traumatological, ophthalmological spheres, as well as sports medicine and focusing on own clinical results in esthetic and anti-age medicine.