Speaker Biography

Jose Antonio Cruz

Jose Antonio Cruz , CEO of Kuragobiotek -Mexico.


There is no greatest marvelous in the universe than life in balance, since the big bang to actual time, the most refined and sophisticated energy to matter, matter to energy convertor is life in balance. When life, is in balance has 3 main characteristics; is high efficient, sustainable and because such levels of performance, all what life in balance produce are beautiful.

The human body has balance metabolically when their 3 biomas be in homeostasis; Genome, Microbiome and Epigenome. Each one of them interact with the others to get perfect full organic balance, when this homeostasis is reach, human can live 120 years plenty in cognitive and psychomotor conditions.

Human cells have a natural tendency to keep balance, will try to compensate any un balance at microbiome and epigenome, describing in this behavior some kind of cellular hysteresis.

To keep life in balance at human body, is necessary to interact with external environment to get air to breathe, food to feed, water to hydrated and sun to synthetize some vitamins and nutriments, the connection between internal biomas and external biomas in nature is our brain, the concept of two brains, the regular one and our intestine as second one could be evolve considering just one brain that is deploy in our body since regular brain, get down by nervous system, interconnect with peripheric nervous system and with enteral nervous system, in all of this interconnections epigenetic is present, then this just one brain is deploy in our digestive system that allow the interaction whit the microbiome, with this interact as well with our food that come from external bioma, because looks like life in balance some way is all connected.