New and Emerging Trends of Biotechnology in Bioremediation

Environmental pollution including CO2 emission is already a major global issue mainly due to increasing population, rapid industrialization, urbanization and fast exploitation of natural resources including minerals and petroleum. Pollutants in any physical, chemical and biological forms are detrimental to ecosystems at different functional levels. The present remediation technologies are not efficient enough to treat the pollutants to acceptable level. Thus, various researchers are working on advanced bioremediation approaches as an emerging technology for the treatment of contamination in various ecosystems.

Other emerging bioremediation methods include electro bioremediation, microbe-assisted phytoremediation, genetic recombinant technologies in enhancing plants in accumulation of inorganic metals and metalloids as well as degradation of organic pollutants, protein-metabolic engineering to enhance bioremediation efficiency, nanobiotechnology, system biology to bioremediation and so on.

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